Recycled Wool Scottish Tartan Blankets - Hunter

Recycled Wool Scottish Tartan Blankets - Hunter

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If you want the ultimate Outlander recycled wool tartan blanket, then this Fraser Hunting tartan is the one!

Soft, but durable, you can use this gorgeous Scottish tartan blanket to snuggle up in winter or as the perfect wool picnic blanket in the wild Australian nature during the warmer months. This recycled wool travel rug is eco-friendly and one of our heritage collection of recycled products for eco-friendly homewares and sustainable homewares.

This wool tartan travel rug in an earthy truffle and dark olive design with stripes of skye and salmon, is a Fraser Hunter tartan and is the perfect sustainable Christmas gift, souvenir gift, or anniversary gift – a genuine heirloom gift, these recycled wool travel rugs will last for generations. For fans of Outlander, this hunting tartan picnic blanket is the perfect outlander tartan blanket and an ethical wool blanket at that!

We love the photos of Tasmanian Wild Adventure Chef Sarah Glover at the private luxury island, Satellite Island in Tasmania wrapped up in all of our recycled wool travel rugs atop the island’s Landrover, Rosemary. The Tasmanian landscape provided the perfect Australian-made feel that is the story behind The Grampians Goods Co. – we are so proud to offer a sustainably made product for Australian fans of the Grampians, Outlander and Scottish tartan blankets.

Their elegant pattern design makes them a great addition to your home decor, adding subtle eco-luxury and sustainable style.

  • Part of our recycled wool blanket range and sustainably produced; the perfect sustainable gift!
  • Luxurious and soft feel – they’re not fuzzy so they won’t shed
  • Durable tartan travel blankets, these tartan rugs for cars can be used as a travel picnic blanket or to stay warm at festivals and outdoor events
  • 69” x 62” | 175cm x 157cm

To learn more about how to care for your recycled wool Scottish tartan blanket read our blog post with our FAQ’s here.

The only downside is that these practical recycled wool blankets are almost never in stock (people love them!), so if you want to get your hands on one of them, we suggest you do it fast!